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Built for a new generation of self-directed managers of digital wealth. Rogue is about conceptualising, nurturing, & implementing instruments of Finance for the digital economy.

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Most ideas fall within the realm of incremental, few are disruptive, and some are transformational. Slate stands with the rarest of the rare, with the potential to change how information is gathered and shared.

With minimal styling and maximum features — including multiple homepage layouts, built-in social sharing and dark mode — Novela makes it easy to publish beautiful articles and stories with Gatsby.

Computers have plenty of buttons, so we wondered: why explore the web with just one? Dijets Command lets you instantly access any page on with simple keyboard shortcuts.

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Whether you're looking to get inked or you're a tattoo artist yourself, this upcoming app will help you get what you need. Find artists and styles, schedule appointments, book flashes and get paid.

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